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What's in my gym bag ...

             What's in my gym bag?


I know its quite popular for bloggers to post about what's in their handbags or what's in their make-up bags, but since I spend half my life at work and the other half of my life at the gym I thought I would show you the contents of my gym bag.
So my gym bag isn't anything special, but it does what it needs to, had to choose a pink one just to add a bit of a feminine touch. An over the shoulder strap is essential, as this bag can get bloody heavy at times.

Without my gym membership card I wouldn't get through the front door of the gym. I workout in Glaxo Gym in Barnard Castle, its one of the best gyms i've been to. Its open from 7am till 10:30pm. The membership fees are really reasonable, and can be paid weekly, monthly or yearly. The gym is unmanned which is why the fees are cheaper than most other places. It has a great range of cardio and resistance machines and plenty of floor space for static stretching and circuits. 

WATER is essential! I choose a large water bottle to stop me from having to fill it up all the time during my workout. This Nike water bottle is perfect for the gym as it has a spill proof top, and has a small handle to hook it on the gym machines. Staying hydrated during a workout is essential, and I find water a lot better than isotonic sports drinks. I can quite easily refill this bottle twice throughout my workout. And yes my bottles pink, another girly touch!

As much as water is essential, so is music.I always find working out with music is alot more enjoyable than without. And these dre beat headphones are perfect for in the gym and running out on the road. They are so much better than in-ear headphones because they don't fall out all the time, they've got a good grip, and they sound out the background noise. I get annoyed listening to the radio in the gym because there is more chatting than there is music, and I feel if I have my headphones on I can zone out of the surroundings. On a weekly basis I update my music selection, so that it doesn't get repetitive and boring. And I always make sure I have upbeat songs in my playlists, I seem to loose motivation if a sad slow song comes on.

In the gym I participate in cardio and weight training, I would be lost lifting weights without my gloves! There is nothing worse than dry scabby skin on your hands. Not only do gloves protect your hands from rough bars and weight, they also help your grip. I seem to be able to lift weights with better form when I wear my gloves, there is less slip, which makes things more accurate. Gloves are the perfect match for hanging ab crunches and pull ups, having a better grip helps me achieve more reps. I have tried numerous makes of gloves from Nike to Elle Sport but I have found these dunlop ones the comfiest so far.

 I always carry with me a skipping rope and my ankle weights, unfortunately these are the that they gym don't provide. I love skipping as a warm up, its a great way to get your heart rate up and its a great fat burning exercise. I normally warm up with 3 x 3 minute rounds with 60 seconds rest inbetween.
I use my ankle weight to add a little extra to simple exercises. By adding the extra weight it gives an extra burn. Its so important that when an exercise becomes easy to you, that you find a way of making it a little more difficult. If you don't feel it working, that's because its probably not. I use these as an add on to kick backs, its a great workout for the butt.

My gym bag is always with me, whether its in my car or in the gym. Which is why I keep my shaker in my gym bag. I use this for my protein shakes that I get from and for my pre-workout, my personal favourite is Conquer.Conquer gives you the perfect kickstart to your workout, I can always hit my personal bests when I use this stuff. 

And I always have a quest bar or two hidden in my bag, I use these preworkout and post workout. I use these to top up my protein intake for the day. I also just use them when i'm peckish between meals, if my body tells me i'm hungry, I eat. Its so important to never let your body go hungry. These come in so many tasty flavours, I've found quite a few that I like.

So these are the things I keep in my gym bag, what do you keep in yours??

And if anybody could recommend a good gym bag please do, im due a new one!

Roo xx


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