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I am Ruth, a 22 year old fitness enthusiast, better known by family and friends as 'Roo'. And my journey began in February 2014. When I say I'm a fitness enthusiast I don't mean that I have a six pack, I don't mean that I'm a body builder or somebody who competes, I simply mean that I am enthusiastic about keeping fit. That's because back in February 2014 I weighed 3 and a half stone heavier than I do today. 
Over the last 15 months, I have worked my arse off to be where I am now. I have dropped dress sizes from a size 16 to a size 10. I would love to say it was easy, but in fact it's been one of the hardest challenges of my life. I have got to a point in my journey where I am reasonably happy with my results, I still have goals to reach, but so far I'm happy (: 
So I have decided to start blogging what I do, to help me motivate myself to reach the rest of my goals and just because I enjoy what I do, and I think people who know me are getting sick of me filling their news feeds with motivational quotes and healthy recipes. So my intention is to show you all how I live day to day, what exercise I participate in and hopefully I can motivate a few people as well.

Pop by again soon (: 

Roo xx

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