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Sunday Brunch ...

Sunday Brunch ...

Making the most of my day off by cooking up a lovely brunch to enjoy in the garden. Today's brunch menu is maple syrup pancakes with strawberries and banana, served with freshly made orange and mango juice and a nice hot coffee.

Pancakes are the perfect brunch food, I find they are normally a little too heavy for breakfast so I use them in place of two meals, they fill me up for hours. After lots of practice I got a bit sick of having so much crockery to wash up that I thought I would try a new method. This way the only thing I need to wash up is a protein shaker, a frying pan and my plate. Ideal.

The recipe I use for pancakes is really simple.

                   - 100ml of semi skimmed milk
                   - 1 egg
                   - 35ml of cold water
                   - 2oz of plain flour

   Put all of these ingredients into the shaker and shake to mix.


Place your pan on a medium heat, and add a little oil. I use Lucy Bee coconut oil, its got a gorgeous scent and is a lot healthier than normal oils. You can purchase some at I own the cutest mine frying pan which is perfect for making pancake stacks. If you don't own one, try to add small amount of the batter mix to a large pan, and try and keep it in a smaller circle. Unless of course you want to make large pancakes and just stack 2-3. So, aswell as the shaker bottle saving you washing up by not needing a whisk, its also ideal for pouring the batter into the frying pan, the spout helps you control exactly how much batter your going to use. I like my pancakes thin so I pretty much just cover the bottom of the pan (:


I give each pancake roughly 1 minute each side, always cook on a medium heat to prevent burning. Each pancake will look a little different, but as soon as you see most of the liquid has started to cook this is when I would flip the pancake over. You looking for a lovely golden brown colour, if you think they are undercooked slightly given them an extra flip until your happy.

Out of my batter recipe I normally get between 6 and 9 pancakes, just the right amount for a stack. You can choose to add fillings between the layers of the stack, or sit some toppings to the side of your pancakes to add as you tuck in. There are so many different things you can accompany pancakes with whether it be sweet or savoury. My favourite is normally just some fresh fruit and maple syrup or sometime peanut butter. Add whatever flavours you fancy. Today I choose strawberries and bananas, because that's what I had in my fruit bowl.

I have plenty of time on my hands today so decided to make some fresh juice to accompany my pancakes. This one was so simple I just added 5 satsumas to a blender, and then sieved the juice to get rid of any bits. Added the juice back to the blender, added a whole mango and a little squirt of honey to sweeten. And served with ice for a nice chilled juice.

Its been a lovely morning this morning so I enjoyed my lunch in the garden while checking my emails and doing some work.

What's your favourite brunch?

Roo xx

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