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So...Juice Plus.

I am a direct distributor of Juice Plus and I am going to use this post to tell you a little bit more about our products. Just 
over a year ago I was introduced to a guy called Paul Strickleton, he introduced me to Juice Plus, it took him abit of persuading but after a short while he had me hooked. He told me to try the product before I entered the buisness, and thats exactly what I did. So roughly 16 months ago I placed my first order of Juice Plus complete, a month later I placed my first order of premium capsules. And I havent once turned back.
In the past 16 months I have lost 3.5 stone, just over 20kg. I have lost nearly 30 inches from my whole body. My hair has had a growth spurt of over 5 inches, and I have a good healthy set of nails for the first time in my life. Its saved me a fortune in hair extensions and acrylic nails.

The day I joined the team...and the story started!

         Why Juice Plus?
Who thinks they get there 5 a day? The government, doctors and other health professionals recommend we consume 5-7 portions of a fruit and veg a day. And less than half of us actually managed to do this. With Juice Plus you are starting your day with 26 Fruit and Vegetable, ranging from simple ones like apples and grapes, to Papaya, Kale and Acerola Cherry.

This list of benefits from consuming this wide range of fruit and veg is mind blowing:
-Increased Energy
-Increased Recover
-Reduction of oxidative stress
-Reduced inflammation by 41%
-Increases hair growth and encourages thickness
-Increases the overall health of our skin, nails and gums
and many more.

Over the last year or so I have learnt about two things that help me promote a health lifestyle, variety and consistency. The variety is the large range of fruit and veg Juice Plus includes, and consistency is that I consume this wide variety every single day, and each day I feel better for it.

I believe in two great products within the Juice Plus industry, Juice Plus Complete and Juice Plus Premium Capsules.

Juice Plus Complete.

Juice plus complete shakes contain 17 different fruit and veg, the shake includes 19.5g plant based protein, and they only take up 220 calories of your daily allowance. This shake is used as a meal replacement, a healthy snack or can also me used pre or post workout. This shake can be used within a weight loss plan, or to support a muscle gain plan. It can be suited to your personal needs. Complete comes in Vanilla and Chocolate flavours. The shakes work out at 80p a day, which is nothing compared to how much we spend on take out coffees and fizzy drinks.

Juice Plus Premium Capsules.

The premium capsule selection contains 3 different capsules, vegetable, fruit and orchid berries. All 3 together give you 26 variety of fruit and vegetables. This includes some that i've never heard of before, bilberry?? I swear my these little things, 2 of each capsules every morning gives me more energy than my morning coffee ever did. I give these capsules full credit for the quality of my hair, skin and nails. Friends and family always comment on how much my hair has grown and how much better my complexion is. And for the first time in 22 years I have a full set of unbitten nails, because now they grow much stronger and dont peel and spit off all the damage i've caused them from biting them over the years. The capsules work out at £1.80 a day which compares to the bar of chocolate and packet of crisps we pick up from the corner shop.

Don't believe me?

Still think Juice Plus is a fad diet? Still not positively sure? Clinical research has showcased the benefits of adding Juice Plus to your diet. More than 30 research studies have been conducted in leading hospitals and universities around the world.They show that Juice Plus helps support hearth health, a healthier immune system and much more.


Here is a a testimonial of Juice Plus from Paul Strickleton my good friend/upline. He taught me all I know about these products and this company, and is as passionate about it as I am. Join Juice Plus with someone you feel confident with, with someone who can share their knowledge with you and help you get the results you deserve.

"After being introduced to Juiceplus by a close friend, I firstly read online reviews and then journals from various universities to ensure what I was being told was the truth.
After being confident with the research I ordered the JP premium capsules and 2 years on I have never gone a day without them nor will I ever In the future.
I have never had a glowing skin complexion until I came across this product, as a soldier I do like a drink and have not had one hangover, illness is a thing of the past and maybe had 1 or 2 sniffles but nothing of concern.
I suffer from hay fever and get it annually like clockwork, until 2 years ago where I have the odd sneeze.
I used to suffer from bleeding gums when brushing and this has totally been eradicated.
I have got my family involved and it is doing wonders with arthritis in my mums hands, allergies with my dad and now my 7 year old is on the chewables which he gets for free.
I cannot recommend this product enough, I was a skeptic at first and set out to prove my friend wrong as you do being a personal trainer but it has done nothing but enhance my confidence, physique and general wellbeing."

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