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Feeling like nobody understands...

The dreaded social media, there is negativity everywhere.

I've found this journey very mentally and physically draining at times, I almost feel like people don't understand what you go through, and there are way too many people who will judge you at your first sign of weakness. I know it's sad to think like that but social media plays a large role in my low level of confidence when it comes to this journey. I've always been afraid of posting transformation photos, workouts and other fitness related things on social media, because I know there are way too many people out there who would rather see you fall, than see you achieve. This is people who live locally and the other millions of people across social media! 
I finally feel like I am in a good place, I don't put myself in competition with anybody else. I know what I want to achieve, and I'll do as much as I possibly can to reach them goals. So this is why I've started sharing what I do, I am not stuck up and self centred, I would be so happy to hear that other people got results because I have helped them in some way. I share my tips and ideas with everybody that asks and I will continue to do that! I don't encourage individuals to purchase the same things as me, that's for them to choose, but I'll always advise what I think works for me. 
It wasn't until other people noticed I had changed, that I started accepting that I had done well. I had such a negative opinion of myself, and I am probably more strict on myself now than I was at the beginning of all this. If I have a cheat meal I always make sure I do twice as much in the gym, and standing in front of the mirror I'm my worst critic! I have so much good support from some of my friends and family and my other half. But still I seem to seek acceptance from others, with that doubt that it may not happen. So I have started this blog not only to help others but to help myself, because all the positive comments and likes I get, push me in the right direction.
That's my little winge over, time for the Postive Mental Attitude to take over.
Roo xx

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  1. I love this post, no one realises just how not only physically but emotionally draining this lifestyle can be at times, especially in the beginning! Once you have passion for something, and people see that, so many people will try and bring you down for it. It's good you've found yourself in a decent place with it all now!



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