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Bubble Base Tea.
Finally after wanting to try these for ages, I finally got to visit Cardiff's BubbleBase stall. Since I have wanted to try these for so long I decided to purchase two. I got passionfruit tea with strawberry bubbles and peach tea with passionfruit bubbles. The tea itself is so tasty and refreshing, a lot like most flavoured green teas I've tried, your chosen flavour is mixed with fresh black or green tea, green tea is always good if your trying to follow healthy eating,but these are so different because they have little tapioca bubbles in the bottom filled with an additional flavour, in this case strawberry and passionfruit! Your tea comes with a super thick straw, so when you drink them the bubbles come up the straw and burst in your mouth, super cool and if you have the right combinations, a really good flavour. 

Both of the ones I bought were really tasty, I would definitely try them again, not sure I would be as keen on the creamier ones, but that's just due to my preferences. I can't remember the exact price but they were roughly about £3, which is pretty much what you pay for any take out drink these days so I didn't mind paying that.
Would definitely recommend anyone visiting Wales to try one!

Roo xx

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