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So I always get asked how I keep track of my training and nutrition. So this post is going to be about the two apps I swear by. I use both of them on a daily basis! And they are RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal. 

1. RunKeeper

So as guessed by the title I use RunKeeper to track my daily runs, and sometime to measure long walks with the dog, with this app I can calculate my time, distance, pace and calories. The app also creates a map of the route I have ran. When measuring the pace the app gives me a split time for each mile I have run, which helps me see my fastest time and I am able to compare that to the others. By doing this it shows me the speed I am capable of and it helps me push myself for the next time.h

The app also gives me the ability to save my routes incase I wanted to do the same route again, I personally go out with a rough idea of where I will run but normally make the actual route up once I've got started. 
I've recently found on the app that you can set up your 'own goal' and you can 'Find a training plan' suited to what you want to achieve. As I have been training awhile now I don't feel I need to use these, but they would be great help to somebody who is just starting out.
The great thing with this app and MyFitnessPal is that RunKeeper app sends over the calories I've burned off to the MyFitnessPal and it's added on to my daily allowance.

2. MyFitnessPal

I use the MyFitnessPal to record my diet and nutrition, I use this on a daily basis, it helps me plan my meals and snacks for the day. I have my macros set to my personal needs, and each day I can check the Macros pie chart and see how I've done, I find myself checking this a couple of times a day and changing my snacks if I feel I can improve. I like using this app because it means I'm being honest about what I'm eating, and if I have a bad day I know I can burn more calories off with exercising! As, like said before, RunKeeper sends over the calories I've burnt off and adds them to my allowance, also MyFitnessPal counts how many steps I've done that day and adds them calories to my daily allowance. So I know if I have a bad day with food I can have a good day with exercise, and vica versa. This app is great for beginners and those more advanced, it helps beginners see how many calories they are consuming, and for most it's a lot more than they originally thought.

3. Healthy Selfie


This 3rd app is an app that I've just recently found, and it's an app I'm gonna look at starting to use on a daily basis. This app is all about photos, selfies and food photos. And it helps you track your fitness journey in photos. Which I think is a brilliant idea as sometimes you may feel like you haven't changed much, but when you compare old and new photos it's shocking how much difference there actually is. So over the next few weeks I'm gonna give this ago and let you all know how it goes.   

Get downloading all 3 of these and let me know how you get on!

Roo xx

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